★ Starred items are $5 during happy hour

♦ Gluten free items

-Daily Pizza-

Tuesday - Margherita pizza, roasted garlic, roma tomatoes, fresh basil + buffalo mozzarella 9

Wednesday - Hawaiian pizza, shredded pork, pineapple, BBQ sauce, onions + bell pepper 10

Thursday - Fiesta pizza, chimichurri, red bell pepper, corn, cilantro, cheddar cheese + topped with avocado 9


Cheese plate (assorted), pear and ginger preserves, truffle honey, crackers, grilled baguettes 15

‘Caprese’ skewer, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomato + basil with balsamic reduction♦ 6

Gulf oysters (6) on the ½ shell with mignonette, lemon + cocktail sauce*♦ 11 ★

Olives, Mediterranean blend without pits, balsamic reduction, thyme, oregano + rosemary 5

Salmon Tartare, spicy mustard, scallions, capers, sesame seed vinaigrette + homemade chips*♦ 10★

Steak tartare, dijon mustard, red onions, capers, egg + crispy shoestring potatoes*♦ 12


Crab balls, petite peekytoe with sriracha aioli, pico de gallo + queso fresco 9

PEI mussels with Spanish chorizo + serrano ham in a tomato broth 11★

Atlantic salmon, chipotle glazed skewers with chimichurri pesto*♦ 10

Shrimp skewers, buffalo sauce, blue cheese remoulade, shaved celery 9

Fried Calamari, warm marinara + spicy citrus aioli 9 ★


Veggie stuffed mushrooms in a creamy butter shallot garlic infused with fresh herbs 8★

Housemade beet infused potato gnocchi (Seasonal) with springtime accompaniments of lemon oculus, roasted garlic puree, grilled asparagus, roasted cherry tomatoes + micro greens 10

Batatas, house made potato wedges, smoked cheese sauce + grilled jalapeno♦ 6 ★

Baked feta skillet, kalamata olive, shallot compote + grilled baguette 9 ★

Caramelized brussel sprouts in your choice of Spicy Vindaloo (coconut – hot pepper curry) sauce with goat cheese OR in a creamy garlic sauce with gorgonzola cheese♦ 8★

Roasted beet, goat cheese + lemon – oregano chutney♦ 7

Veggie pizza, pesto sauce, spinach, artichoke, roasted red peppers, marinated portobello, capers, sourdough flatbread 9


Empanadas, chili con carne, pineapple salsa, cilantro-lime aioli + Queso Fresco 9

Pork belly, served with a seasonal accompaniment, ask your server

Four meat pizza, sourdough flat bread, pepperoni, Italian sausage, pork belly + bacon 11

Albondigas, chicken meatballs, roasted red pepper cream sauce, crispy onions 8 ★

Braised lamb pot pie, vegetables, herb goat cheese, tomatillo demi, smoked tomato aioli 9 ★

Arancinis, bacon, Hatch green chile, bleu cheese + Romesco sauce 7

Proscuitto pizza with arugula, goat cheese, truffle oil + orange marmalade 12

Venison Carpaccio, cherry gastrique, garlic chips, Green peppercorns, chili oil & arugala 15


Tres Leches, lemon chiffon cake, chamomile cream, spiced Rum creme anglaise, sweetened creme fraiche, + cinnamon pecan cookie 8

Chocolate Delight, rich chocolate mousse, orange marshmallow, berries & mint 8

Mel i Mató, topped with local citrus compote, candied pistachios over a spanish style cheesecake, fried basil + honey 9

New Mexico Style Sopapillas, fried bread, cinnamon, sugar + warm honey 7 ★

House-made Sorbet Trio, complement of three seasonal flavors, ask your server 9

Warm Apple Pie coriander ice cream, apple jack gastrique + chipotle raspberry coulis 9

Chocolate Chip Cookie, with vanilla ice cream + berries 8

*Undercooked or raw meat, fish, eggs & poultry may cause illness if you are immunocompromised